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Our proven executive search process will help you gain clarity and allow you to choose from top talent so you can grow your company.

We are helping companies build teams that will enjoy success.

Conducting an executive search on your own is trying, time and resource intensive, and risky for both you and the candidates.




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Executive search solutions

The Value of A Search Firm.

Finding the right leadership that not only fits well into your organization, but also brings stellar management skills and a fresh perspective to your business is easy when you have the right network and resources that can connect you to those individuals.

Everyday we stay connected to proven performers and rising starts in a variety of industries.

We will do what we do best so you can continue to do what matters most.

Executive search solutions

The Benefits of Working with an Executive Recruiter

  • Guaranteed:
    All of our executive searches carry a 12 to 24 month guarantee. If the person you select leaves within the first year we will run a new complete search at not cost to you.
  • Cost-Effective
    Hiring the wrong person can cost a company large sums of money. Today, executive talent is at a premium and can make or break the fortunes of a business. Professional executive recruiters can deliver the best.
  • Save Time & Money:
    Marketing, recruiting, fielding emails, processing resumes, scheduling interviews, and screening for top candidates is a strategic, and time-consuming effort. We handle it all.
  • Top Talent:
    You'll get to choose from the top proven and emerging talent in your industry. Now, you're only seeing the best of the best people after the vetting and screening process.
  • Solutions Instead of Resumes:
    During the process, we will craft a thorough position profile that strategically aligns with your culture, goals, teams, and competency requirements. All candidates will be rigorously screened and only the best get in front of you.
  • Targeted Strategy:
    You need a targeted strategy focused on the right c-suite executives, board members, or senior-level management that align with your company, teams, and can grow your business.
  • Large Network of Contacts
    The limited contacts of in-house human resource departments cannot compare with the wide net that an executive recruiter can cast. The best candidates are already employed. Many will deal only with a recruiter.
  • Confidentiality:
    Sometimes you may need to replace an executive still in their current role. This type of search requires confidentiality and trust to get the job done.

strategic hiring is critical

The Real Costs of Making the Wrong (Bad) Hire

Based on a yearly salary of $100K

One bad hire can cost a company up to$211,000.

  • Harvard Business Review
    Their research states that over 80% of employee turnovers can be attributed to poor hiring processes and selections.
  • U.S. Department of Labor
    National research they conducted says the price of a bad hire is 30% of the positions first year salary at a minimum.

Executive search process

How We Will Conduct Your Search.

Step One

Launch Meeting

We will meet with you face-to-face for a site visit. We will learn everything we can about your company, your goals, your ideal candidate, your current team, your culture, your community, what success looks like for you, and the challenges you’re facing.​

Step One

Step Two


We collaborate with you and your search team throughout each and every step of the entire search process.

Step Two

Step Three


From the information we gather during our site visit, we will craft a position profile that includes an overview of your organization, your company DNA, your ideal candidate, a detailed position / job description. We’ll work with you to get it right and ensure it accurately represents your desires.

Step Three

Step Four

Search Begins

In house, we will begin the search from the moment you initially reach out. However, after we’ve got your profile crafted, we step things up a few gears as our team conducts a thorough and targeted recruitment search focused on executives, board members, or senior-level management that align with your organizations desires, goals, and culture.​

Step Four

Step Five


Our screening and research process includes many layers which allow us to know the candidates personally, assess their cultural fit, their skillset, as well as testing that allows us to gain deep insights into their leadership traits, level of organizational focus, resilience, tenacity, and long term compatibility. 

Step Five

Step Six


After we have thoroughly completed the round one of the screening process, we bring you a curated list of ideal candidates. Together, we will sit down with you and your team, face-to-face, to walk through each candidate’s complete profile, resume, research, and screening results.

Step Six

Step Seven


As your trusted partner, we help you schedule, conduct, and navigate the next steps as you begin interviewing and getting to know these candidates. Our team conducts thorough background checks, assists with compensation package negotiation, and onboarding as you make your new hire.

Step Seven

Step Eight


We strongly believe in our process and we stand behind our level of research and screening. That’s why every executive search we conduct carries a 12-month guarantee. 

Step Eight


Let's land you that dream job.


Let's find you the best talent.

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